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Grocery Mixed Use Office Retail

Mixed Use

Grand Projects was retained by a private developer to construct an investment property on their behalf. The facility consists of two-story construction and 17,600 gross sq ft for Retail and Office use.


The Task

This project posed some unique challenges.  The site was a former landfill that required remediation of the soil to remove contaminates prior to building construction.  In addition, it was in an environmentally sensitive location adjacent to a designated trout stream.  Grand Projects successfully worked with all responsible authorities having jurisdiction to satisfy their needs.


Due to the nature of the pre-existing site conditions and proximity to the trout stream, the latest techniques in onsite storm water run off retention were employed.  The parking lot was designed to retain storm water for a given period of time before the runoff entered the city’s storm sewers that quickly emptied into the stream.  This technique was affected to protect the adjacent trout stream from sediment and extreme temperature variations both harmful to the trout population.


In addition, there are considerations with multi-story buildings that Grand Projects was able to successfully satisfy.  These included additional Fire Code compliance and American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements to name a few.


Key Project Details:


 Exterior Finish Insulation System (EFIS/Stucco)


 An elevator to comply with ADA Code for 2nd story construction


 An Eco Friendly “Green” Roof Membrane


 Low E Window System for energy efficiency


 Onsite Storm Water Retention System for storm water run off


 Interior/Exterior Surveillance System for Municipal Liquor Store Tenant


 Upgraded Electrical for Fitness Center equipment


 Glass Curtain Wall at 2nd Story Building Entrance



Grand Projects successfully managed the complex accounting of “Tenant” costs and “Landlord” costs during construction.  In addition, a flexible design and construction team was necessary to accommodate new leasing activity during construction.


Working with the owner’s architect, Grand Projects constructed the developer’s property for both Leased Tenants and the Un-leased “Shell” space.  Once additional leased space came under contract, Grand Projects was able to quickly mobilize and adapt to the “custom” needs of the future tenants.  Ultimately, Grand Projects delivered a quality investment property for the developer and a first class suite for the tenants.