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Minnesota Insurance Headquarters

A rapidly growing Minnesota Insurance Company sought out Grand Projects for its Construction expertise..


The Task

Grand Projects job was to perform a major renovation to a newly acquired existing building.  The project consisted of converting a specialized building for a science testing laboratory facility into 25,000 sq ft of office space.



Grand Projects was brought into the design team during the project’s infancy to lend our expertise in Commercial Construction Projects. 
We utilized our experience and the principles of value engineering to maximize dollars spent and maximize the construction schedule
to minimize waste during the remodel.  In lieu of 100% interior demolition, Grand Projects was able to recommend the re-use of existing walls,
restroom facilities, and electrical systems to save those dollars and reapply those money’s towards areas with greatest return on investment. 
Thus, Grand Projects helped facilitate the maximum value of our client’s dollar investment into their new corporate headquarters!


Key Project Details:

Like many other projects Grand Projects has been involved with, this too became a state of the art building


High Efficiency Seer Rated HVAC units


Complete replacement and upgrade of 1990’s lighting technology to Highest Efficiency Lighting leading to energy saving rebates
and energy savings for building operations.


Architectural Stamped and Colored Concrete at Sidewalk Entrance


New Standing Seam Canopy at Entrance


Addition of Exotic Landscaping at entrance


Additional Exterior Windows to improve natural daylight into the office environment


Replacement of roof membrane and upgraded roof insulation for dramatically improved Energy Savings


Sophisticated Security/Surveillance.  Every employee carries a badge in lieu of a key, allowing for monitoring of after hours
entrances and increased employee safety.



Like most projects the window of time to perform construction was short.  However, once Grand Projects was given notice to proceed with construction we were able to accommodate the client and their original move date was not altered.  Even more important Grand Projects was able to meet this need without increasing project cost to the client. 


By partnering with the client, utilizing all of Grand Project’s experience and resources, utilizing highly skilled and pre-qualified subcontractors, utilizing schedule progress update meetings, and performing due diligence in planning and design the end result became a transformation of a “tired” building into a first class Corporate Headquarters and an excited client!